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February 15, 2014


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Ginny McKinney

Hi Larry yet again an excellent article. Don't know if you are following the RABL site but I have reached out to them in e hopes we could get an expanded green waste pickup and composting service going.

Wastenot and Green Systems were invited by Minister Dorsett to put in a proposal for collection and composting which we have done. We based it on 30,000households (the official survey says we have 60,000) in order the extrapolate costs and final price per pickup.

We ended up with $10 per month for 2 pickups of 4bags (40gallon) per pickup. With the option of individual households being able to pay additional for mo bags. This price included the pickup and the composting.

When we did the proposal for the landfill management we had found that 120,000 tons of green waste, organics and wood from C&D was making its way into the landfill annually. This was derived from Stantec figures making allowance for the growth in population and hotels as recorded by the GoB survey department.

Definitely worth diverting, wouldn't you say?

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