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April 12, 2008


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Solar energy can be utilized in cooking purpose, water heating, home lightening etc.. it's a renewable source of energy.

Noel Rodman

Right On Mike, I have almost the same system on my house and these types of systems are just what the Bahamas needs in order to make power affordable. Whenever BEC decides to allow net metering, everyone will enjoy the FULL benefits of their private power system, and not just benefit during the daylight hours. I hope the Bahamas can "get it together and catch up" with the rest of the world when it comes to alternative power systems. Noel Rodman, Sandyport, Nassau, Bahamas


I like solar power generator. I think there are lots of solar around the world. I am pretty sure that solar power in Nassau will make a lot of solar power system in the house of its residences. http://www.sunpowerport.com

adrana sweeting

is there a law that says it is illegal to use solar energy. really i wonder

larry smith

There is no ban on solar power in the Bahamas. And the Electricity Act says consumers can generate up to 250kw themselves. A typical home might use 24kw.

Charles Bruneau

Dear Mr. Smith,
I am working with investors for implementing solar panels & inverters in The French Caribbean (Guadeloupe/Martinique), you have posted in August 26 that there is no ban on solar power up to 250kW, is that mean we can rent rooftops in the Bahamas and implement solar panels? Grid connected? What about net zeroing? Thanks for your help.

Mark Tomlinson

Hi Larry.
My Company Green-Envi.co.uk are looking to go to the Bahamas and set up a renewable energy installation company, can you tell me please, does the Bahamas have and renewable insentives such as grants, feed in payments etc.

fred  lofts

solar elecrical is not allowed in freeport and is still questional in all of bahamas sort of not allowed but people turn the other way . solar is way cheaper now , less then 1.00 per watt now in florida I bought 150 210 w panels for .78 cents a watt evergreen class a panels , instaled 10 kw already but batery off grid back up for now , generating 70 kw a day and will install 20 kw more this fall , total per day will be 250kw per day my resort uses about that much so if we can use grid feed some day it will be better , right now teh meters are not bi directional and thee is no terif feed in aggrements .

David Higgins

Has anyone heard about a change in the Govt policy on importing solar power equipment, specifically inverters? Have always been duty free, now Govt. says 45%.

larry smith

Duty was 35 + 7%, for 30 years. Ingraham zeroed the duty in 2010, but then in the stamp tax elimination/rounding up exercise in 2011 it became 10%. This includes Inverters, deep cycles batteries, DC disconnects and heavy guage wire, charge controllers and mounting hardware along with solar panels. I have not heard of any change - it could be a misinformed Customs officer.

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