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February 26, 2008


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Michael Bartlett

Good luck, a great cause!Sometimes I feel like getting people to be aware of how they handle waste is as difficult as hitting a trash can with a bottle from a moving MGB going around a roundabout in the wee hours.

Michael Coletta

I have visited the Bahamas for many years with my family, my family has been in receycling since 1911, I presently work for a private company and my functions include marketing recyclables. In my recent visits I noticed the items I sell are being tossed into the garbage, then landfilled which I also visited. I have a few ideas how to impleiment a recycling program that could work and would appreciate speaking with Ms. McKinney, her ideas and thoughts are right on track.

Dan Carter

Hello! We would love to help! We live in Vancouver/Bahamas,and we are very knowledgeable of the "GO GREEN" concept!Contact our "Green Team" and we will do whatever it takes to make this happen in the Bahamas. Our team is willing, ready and educated! We have plenty of great ideas that will help make this happen! bubbs2010@hotmail.com We will work together to make this happen here, and we can grow so big that we will work in other countries that need the "Greenery" too. We have marketing ideas, equipment, promotional ideas! Lets make it happen!

Joanne McGovern

Hello. It was great to find this website and read the updates on environmental initiatives in the Bahamas - specifically, recycling. I am a Canadian who has been living in Bahamas (out island) for more than four years and am interested in researching and finding the right waste management solution for the island... the challenges are obvious, so I am starting from others experiences.... would love to contact others who may have success stories in Bahamas...

carlos gracia

hi my name is carlos gracia. i live in chicago. i think the main problem is finding someone who wants to deal with garbage in industrial quantities then talk to the bahamian government and have them agree to concessions on the importation of machinery. A well set up program can be profitable thinking that all the materials can be exported. i think now more than ever it is in bahamian interest to set up a system before the next mega resort is built. i love recycling dealing with garbage but like many i don't have the resources. I think that solar panels is a novel idea but garbage handling is a total different issue

Michelle Torres

I think you and Steve Love need to get together. He is also working on this initiative. check him out on twitter.


More people need to be aware and get involved.

The Love Family (Lyford Cay)

Ginny McKinney

Thank-you for the comments. I have been in contact with Mr.Love and tried to get some glass recycling happening at the end of last year out in Lyford Cay. Mr.Love was dismayed to see how reluctant people are to facilitate recycling by separating their garbage into it's components but in defence of the Home Owners Association they did ask him to present a formal proposal showing methodology, cost, etc., so they could review and possibly implement it, he has been away a lot this year so I have not heard much more. We are working on a similar idea with Atlantis (since last year) but they are finding the unions are reluctant to get involved....! (We need to remember this is our country and we are in this together!)

This is why waste to energy (WTE)has kept presenting itself as the solution for the Bahamas or particularly the larger population areas). The sale of the power would create the funds necessary for recycling the metals, glass and green waste. It must be remembered that recycling is rarely a lucrative exercise. In most countries the expense of it is passed onto the consumer via a direct fee or indirectly through taxes or sometimes bond issues for major infrastructure needs. In Europe there is a constant push to make manufacturers take back their packaging, all in an effort to reduce the packaging and it's recyclability but also to share the costs.

The Bahamian Government has now re-invited private companies to bid on the NP landfill management (and the additional infrastructure needs) and to resubmit their WTE proposals. BRER the company with whom I am affiliated with has responded to both calls (January 7th, 2011) and await a response.Hope springs eternal.......

We the Bahamian Public need to demand better (private) waste management but we must also be willing to separate our garbage on a daily basis (either for curbside pickup or take it to drop-off recycling centers), which will lead to successful recycling. The balance of garbage after recycling is still considerable so WTE should be demanded as well. If we don't get involved, we deserve the waste system we've got right now.

Ben F

Hey, I'm a concerned college student living here in the Bahamas...and I was wondering if there is anyway to volunteer. I've been thinking about ways of recycling cans and other things but don't know where to start. Just would like to help my country and very impressed with you efforts


Dan Johnson

As a frequent visitor to the Bahamas from Colorado, who grew up in Canada, I share the grief about polluting natural spaces, and lack of government action.

Here is one idea based on the posts by Chloe and ginny above. I volunteer to help in any way necessary. Could we get Cans For Kids containers at some of the major resorts like Atlantis? They have 3400 rooms, many of those inhabited by folks who come from states or nations where recycling is a given.

Even one container near the Marina Pizzeria, Atlantis would net hundreds or even thousands of cans per day. Or bins in the each building of the condos at Harborside Atlantis (300+ units with kitchens) would get a huge catch.

I will personally approach the ownership if that would help, but I don't have the ability to empty it regularly so don't want to volunteer something that is just a pain for someone else.

Just thinking of small steps to work on cans, but obviously full-scale recycling would be even better. Small steps are better than none, though.

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